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El Paso Hotel
Ideal for families, this Mexican themed hotel centres around huge pools, one featuring a sunken pirate galleon for children.

Holiday prices from:
£349 per adult
£175 per child
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Mexico Rides - Port Aventura Park
Hurakan CondorHurakan Condor
The god Hurakan has unleashed his fury and demands the sacrifice of adventurers like you to calm him.

There is nothing under your feet or in front of you. At any moment you will be launched into the void from 100 metres up and you can't help your stomach churning.

Adrenaline starts to flow and you don't even know if you'll have time to scream before you reach the ground.

Have you thought about how you're going to get out of this one?

El Diablo - Tren de la minaEl Diablo - Tren de la mina
This old silver mine has been closed for a long time, ever since a group of miners disappeared in it.

Today, the most daring try to get into the depths of the mine on board the old mine carts. Maybe you will be brave enough to join them, but who knows if you'll ever get out...

If this dragon-headed serpent catches you, you can be sure that it will shake you up and down and spin you around at great speed.

Come closer if you dare, but donít say we didnít warn you.

Los PotrillosLos Potrillos
Grab onto the reins and hold tight. These foals are small, but so naughty that they never stay still.

Ride them and show off your horseriding skills.

These armadillos are very curious animals. For some reason, they just can't stop spinning around.

Although their rough appearance can be deceptive, they are totally harmless. Make the most of it and let them take you for an enjoyable ride.

Serpiente EmplumadaSerpiente Emplumada
Among the thick vegetation, beside the Mayan ruins, a traditional serpent-worshipping ceremony is starting.

Join in with the traditional ritual. Travel up and down, spinning at breakneck speed around the sacred totem pole in this indigenous ceremony.

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